#2955: Glass Bead Game

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The UK guitarist and composer James Blackshaw is a prodigious young talent who’s been seen as part of the guitar tradition of the late American John Fahey.  Now, his work has expanded to include mysticism, occasional other instruments, and long-form, almost classical structures.  He’ll play live in our studio, and we'll listen to some of his recent release, "The Glass Bead Game."  And more.

PROGRAM #2955, With James Blackshaw (First aired on July 2, 2009)





James Blackshaw

The Glass Bead Game

Cross [8:36] Key [6:03]

Young God Records YG40 younggodrecords.com

James Blackshaw

Live, WNYC

Arc [9:00]

This performance not commercially available.

James Blackshaw

The Glass Bead Game

Bled [10:23]

See above.

John Fahey

The Best of John Fahey 1959-1977

America, excerpt [2:00]

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