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Cat Power
“Metal Heart”
Playing Friday at Webster Hall
(125 E. 11th St., East Village)
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Since her debut in 1995, Cat Power has perfected the art of the down-tempo, bare-bones, soul-baring rock and roll song. Her pared-down sound was sweet relief from the overproduced rock of the ‘90s, becoming a touchstone for many indie rock acts of the 21st century.

Despite those successes, Cat Power’s releases have departed from her old formulas in recent years. The Greatest (2006) paired her songwriting with Al Green’s former guitarist in search of a soul-inflected sound. And 2008’s Jukebox gave the Cat Power treatment to barroom classics from Sinatra to Dylan. The album also includes a "cover" of one of her own songs, “Metal Heart,” originally from her 1998 album Moon Pix.