The NYPD as Domestic Intelligence Agency

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press Investigative Reporter, discusses his story for the AP on the NYPD's surveillance work carried out with CIA assistance, at times blurring the line between. 


Matt Apuzzo

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Just heard this on the rebroadcast. Good for this reporter for pointing it out. Right now they're focused on Muslims but it wouldn't take much for the CIA/NYPD to go after any city political activists, especially people organizing in solidarity with people abroad, for instance the activists involved with Oaxaca last decade have probably been targeted. Unfortunately CIA crimes are only usually revealed decades after the fact so we likely won't know for sure until our old age.

Aug. 25 2011 01:07 AM
Tom LI

Yo Chet from Queens.

Nice. lets see how comfortable you are with a law breaking Police Dept and other Law agencies when you're the one they take into custody under cover of National Security.

Someone is always out to get us, part of life. And now part of the Arguments from Fear that so many Americans are being duped by..."Hey, we're at risk, let us break the laws to protect you...and forget being protected from us..."

You need help.

Aug. 24 2011 04:42 PM
chet from queens

So long as we have radicals who are willing to kill us, we need to have law enforcement willing to extreme lengths - to break the law if that is what it takes - to protect us. I really don't care if a few people's rights are violated so long as it is mitigated by the good chance that violating rights may save lives. For instance, I don't want my son to die 10 years from now because we were worried about being sensitive to the rights of a few people in a mosque somewhere. Unfortunately, it is a fact, radicalism exists and it exists to harm us. The other day I was in a queens park and saw five women wearing full burquas. Hiding one's face in my culture is not good; it shows that these people are hiding something and that something is radicalism. So long as we see this in our country we have to take whatever measures possible to protect ourselves and rid our country of this evil. If the people who feel their rights are being violated feel so strongly about it, then they can leave here and go someplace else just as my ancestors did when they left England in the 1630's.

Aug. 24 2011 11:39 AM
john smith from nyc

Sadly, Chuzzlewit is an extreme Zionist who will support anything remotely anti-Islamic. i doubt he is a true conservative, more like a neo-con. likes of him couldn't care less about the U.S. or the Constitution. Their first allegiance is to Israel. They conveniently overlook the checks and balances , sepration of powers, innocent until proven guilty and many others aspects of our country.
They forget the history of anti-semitism in this country, i.e. the persection of the Rosenbergs. They forget that Jews were once a powerless minority in this country and suffered greatly but used the rights in the Constitiution to improve their lot. But now that muslims are discriminated against, Chuzzlewit-less couldn't care less. Imagine if the tables were turned , he would be screaming bloody murder. Sad, really sad how we humans lack empathy for each other. The more things change, the more they stay the same, only the perpetrators and victims change, the injustices continue. Sad, really sad.

Aug. 24 2011 11:36 AM
rose-ellen from jacckson hts.

Mosque crawler? Did I actually hear him say mosque crawler? That this choice of words was not challenged but embraced by the host -tells me the host and the guest are both anti muslim bigots with an agenda.This was simply an anti-muslim propaganda piece designed to look like an honest inquiry into government intrusions and constitutional isuues .Not surprising he didn't take calls on this "dehumanization of muslims" segment.

Aug. 24 2011 11:28 AM
LB from Midtown

I find this story interesting however, I really don't need to know what secret intelligence is going on as long as it is. I'm so sick of "TMI", too much information and reporters' quest for getting the exclusive story.

Aug. 24 2011 11:04 AM

BART police initially denied charges that they had shut down cell service at the Civic Center. Now they admit it.

We have a growing list of NYPD, FBI, and CIA abuses. These are extensively and well-documented by the Center for Constitutional Rights, the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and others. Glenn Greenwald has written at length on the NYPD and FBI campaigns to _create_ crimes — working at length to induce innocent people to commit crimes. At least a few judges have tossed cases that the FBI and the US Justice Department have built _so poorly_ that they couldn't even prosecute them under the rules endorsed by the likes of John Yoo, David Addington, or Dick Cheney.

People are very happy to have the FBI or CIA or NYPD spy, abuse domestically — until they themselves are the targets.

Aug. 24 2011 10:59 AM

Every time I see a post from "Martin Chuzzlewit" I have to wonder what it is conservatives think they endorse. The late, very conservative William Safire would have _excoriated_ abuses by the NYPD, CIA, FBI, Obama, Bush, Bloomberg, etc. But not so conservatives like "Chuzzlewit". They are more exercised by news organizations doing their jobs — _legally_, however poorly. But the US government abuses the Constitution and these supposed conservatives "yawn"?

Aug. 24 2011 10:24 AM

This is part of a very large and growing system of domestic surveillance and control, one fully embraced by Barack Obama. In includes
- Obama's vicious war against whistleblowers,
- the abetting of US domestic spying by the leading telecoms,
- the regular blind eye judges turn to government abuses of the Constitution (as when a judge accepts the "if you knew what we knew but can't tell you" government line,
- the glib indifference to law exhibited by police forces (as in San Francisco BART cops shutdown of cellphone services recently — all to stop _political_ speech),
- the widespread denial of due process rights to overwhelmingly Muslim and Arab defendants in US courts

And on and on and on.

NPR has a story on FBI "home visits" in early August when Ronald Kessler's book "The Secrets of the FBI" came out. We must ask whether the NYPD is doing likewise in New York (in direct violation of constitutional prohibitions).

Matt Apuzzo's report is at

NPR has this story at

Aug. 24 2011 10:20 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

Having read Mr. Apuzzo's piece, I jumped from my chair and screamed...."yawn".

If the NYPD, FBI and CIA spend even half the energy looking for potential radical Islamic terrorists that the left-leaning mainstream media (including the AP) expends snooping into the private lives of Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin looking for dirt and ammunition for sordid, exaggerated political smears....then we will all be a lot safer.

Aug. 24 2011 10:02 AM

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