Politics Reporters Race to Tweet Earthquake Jokes, Outlets Race to Cover Tweets

There was an earthquake all up and down the East Coast. Everyone tweeted about it! Some of them were even clever.

We rounded up a few of our favorites from political reporters, likely thirsty for any excuse to not think about politics for a few minutes. But this is by no means a complete list. There are more Twitter faves here and here.

@ariannahuff (Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post) Clearly, this is a sign God wants more budget cuts and austerity. #kidding #butsomeonewillsaythat

@SteveKornacki (Steve Kornacki, writer for Salon) Could better Obama speech-making have prevented this earthquake? 

@dannyhakim (NY Times Albany Bureau Chief) Quake just in time for Indian Point's new ad campaign...

@pareene (Alex Pareene, writer for Salon) I think Chris Christie just jumped into the race

Azi Paybarah at the New York Observer was disappointed with the New York Post's uncharacteristically dull headline...

@azipaybarah (politics reporter for New York Observer) come on! you can do better than that. RT @NewYorkPost: BREAKING UPDATE -EARTHQUAKE AFTERSHOCKS FELT IN NYC AND BOSTON

But he got a better alternative...

@Kantrowitz @azipaybarah @NewYorkPost: How about "Earth goes up and down: Just like a hooker's drawers"