Ten Disney Moments

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My favorite moments from Disney’s films are all musical.  I suspect Walt Disney intended it that way; he had such a keen ear for music, and an intuitive sense of how it would color and shape everything he did as much as the literal colors and shapes of the animation.   It’s no coincidence that the Disney Studio’s renaissance began in the late 80s with The Little Mermaid, when they returned to the music-heavy storytelling that Disney himself had pioneered with Snow White back in 1937. 

Anyway, here are ten of my favorite musical moments from the Disney canon:

 “Heffalumps and Woozles” – Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day (Robert & Richard Sherman)

“Pink Elephants On Parade” – Dumbo (Oliver Wallace)

“The Siamese Cat Song” – Lady and the Tramp (Oliver Wallace, feat. Peggy Lee)

 “Night On Bald Mountain” – Fantasia (Modest Mussorgsky)

“Transformation” – Beauty And The Beast (Alan Menken; not a song, but the soundtrack as the beast turns back into a prince)

“I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” – Jungle Book (Robert & Richard Sherman)

“Step In Time” – Mary Poppins (Robert & Richard Sherman)

“Heigh Ho” – Snow White (Frank Churchill & Leigh Harline)

 “Little April Shower” – Bambi (Frank Churchill & Edward Plumb)

 “Kiss The Girl” – The Little Mermaid (Alan Menken and Howard Ashman)

OK, what’s missing?  Let us know your favorite Disney musical moment.  Leave a comment.