Gig Alerts: Paul Motian, Jason Moran and Greg Osby

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Paul Motian
"Cathedral Song"
Playing at: Village Vanguard
(178 7th Ave., West Village)
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Legendary drummer Paul Motian recorded his new album Lost In A Dream with saxophonist Chris Potter and pianist Jason Moran live at the Village Vanguard last winter, so it's only fitting that Motian returns to the Vanguard this week to celebrate the release of his new record. Last year, the New York Times praised the concerts from which this recording was made, and it's clear why. "Cathedral Song," the album's closer, is a darkly beautiful and introspective Motian original in which all three musicians ride the vulnerable melody with broody emotion. For Motian's residency this week at the Vanguard, saxophonist Greg Osby sits in for Potter.

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