Gig Alert: Tibaguí

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“Algo Más Melódico”
Playing Wednesday at Terraza 7 
(4019 Gleane Street, Elmhurst)
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The four musicians in Tibaguí hang their improvisations on the rhythms and structures of Andean music. The result is a mixture of folklore and musical flair that is perfectly suited to the borough of Queens, where they'll be playing on Wednesday night. (Bonus: the venue features colorful cotton hammocks to compliment the Latin American vibe of the music.)

In the quartet's song "Algo Más Melódico" -- meaning in English, "something more melodic" -- the patter of percussionist Túpac Mantilla's collection of Latin American and African drums plays off the bass and acoustic guitar under the soaring playfulness of the soprano sax. Come to think of it, if you close your eyes, lie back on a hammock with a cool drink and listen, who's to say you're not overhearing a distant Andean dance party?