Gig Alert: Jones Street Station

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Jones Street Station
“The Understanding”
Playing Tuesday at Brooklyn Bowl
 (61 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg)
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With every glissando of the harmonica and frenetic mandolin strum, Jones Street Station combines its soulful harmonies with straight-up music chops. The bluegrass jam sessions in the backroom of the now-defunct Baggott Inn were where two of the band's members, Danny Erker and Jonathan Hull, culled the group's Americana-infused sound. 

If Jones Street Station's newest song, "The Understanding," sounds like a good song for a trip, perhaps that's because it was written on the road between Seattle and San Francisco. According to Erker, the song's composer, the tune springs from the simple desire to be understood. That struggle is there in the song's harmonic tensions and a chorus that itches to be belted out over a noisy barroom. Tuesday night, that's just what will be going down.