Storm Tracker: Live Updates on Hurricane Irene's Path and Evacuation

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Hurricane Irene is currently headed towards the East Coast of the U.S., and may have a major impact on a large swath of the eastern seaboard and some 65 million residents from North Carolina to Maine. With that in mind, we're watching Irene's progress and updating this blog with the latest news and information we have.

Hurricane Irene weakened slightly to a Category 2 storm but is expected to re-group in open waters and return to Category 3 strength before it makes landfall in North Carolina tomorrow. The last time a storm of that size and force hit the Northeast, it was the "Long Island Express" hurricane of 1938, which killed 700 people, left 63,000 homeless, and permanently altered the coastline. Meteorologists say while the storm won't be as serious as Hurricane Katrina, it could have major consequences for cities like Washington D.C., New York, and Boston.

Should the storm stay on track and hit New York City, it could mean the largest evacuation the U.S. has ever seen. New York City residents can look here to see WNYC's map of hurricane evacuation zones (you can search by address).

In advance, you can use our iPhone app to show us your own preparations for the storm. Send us photos, video or audio of how you're stocking up, battening down the hatches or preparing your list of non-powered entertainment. You can also upload photos directly to our website. Afterward you're welcome to show us the storm's impact in your neighborhood. 

With the help of WNYC's John Keefe, we've got a map for you that is tracking the storm as it moves north. Take a look and check back with us, as this interactive feature will be updated with the latest developments.