Summer Stuff: Movie Roundup

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blockbusters are an important part of summer, so for our latest Summer Stuff segment, we’re talking about summer movies! Richard Corliss, Time magazine film critic, and Kevin Lally, executive editor of Film Journal International and author of Wilder Times: The Life and Times of Billy Wilder, join us to talk about this year’s crop of summer movies—the good and the bad, the successes and surprises.

Plus, we’ll be taking calls, so let us know which movies you liked best! Leave a comment below, or call 646-829-3985!


Richard Corliss and Kevin Lally

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jgarbuz from Queens

to Darksymbolist,

I'm a big sucker for historical-type films, especially Greco-Roman era. I also made old VHS copies of "I, Claudius" which was my previous favorite made-for-tv series ever made, IMO. I too wish "Rome" could have gone on, but if you want a continuation of Roman history after Julius Caesar and Octavian (Augustus), go to "I, Claudius."

But I presume you've seen that as well.

Aug. 22 2011 12:49 PM
Adrian from Brooklyn, NY

Buck and Bill Cunningham are 2 wonderful doc. movies - a must

Aug. 22 2011 12:42 PM
DarkSymbolist from NYC!

To Jgarbuz,

Oh, "Rome" which I also own, is one of my favorites as well. Great series. I too, still watch it. Shame there were not more seasons.

Aug. 22 2011 12:38 PM

I'd be interested to know if your guests have seen Attack the Block or Gun Hll Road, and if so, what are their thoughts?

Aug. 22 2011 12:37 PM
Susan Lardner

wonderful movie of summer = The Guard

Aug. 22 2011 12:36 PM
jgarbuz from Queens

To Bob from Huntington,

I agree that the HBO TV production of the series "Rome" a few years back is IMHO the best thing produced on film in the last ten years at least. I actually BOUGHT the series for about $80 bucks and periodically watch it again and again.

Aug. 22 2011 12:35 PM
DarkSymbolist from NYC!

I liked "Tree of Life" quite a bit. I want to see it again. It certainly left me and my girlfriend with a lot to discuss and think about for a long while afterwards which is not something that can be said about most movies. And the family story is very, very good.

I wasn't so thrilled about the ending and it's not my favorite Mallick film. The "Thin Red Line" is my favorite Mallick and one of my favorite movies period.

Aug. 22 2011 12:34 PM
Caroline from NYC

Please, it was Owen Wilson's character's "dream" state, that identified with those artistic characters from that period of time, Paris in the early 1900s. The movie was about how we always idealize the past... and I think Allen did a good job doing so!

Aug. 22 2011 12:30 PM
Gary from Long Island

A wonderful movie that surprised me was the film A Better Lfe - wonderful. The Help was very good with some Oscar performances. The Shalom Aleichem documentary was wonderful. The Guard wasn't bad. The Future was horrilble and you can skip Another Earth. Incendies from last year is brilliant.

Aug. 22 2011 12:29 PM
jgarbuz from Queens

Other than American blockbusters, when it comes to domestic-affairs type films, I prefer Iranian, Israeli, and Swedish films. I find Iranian films to be particularly touching. Not that crazy about French films, but they are getting somewhat better.
There is a pretty good selection of foreign films via Netflix, both streaming and on DVD.

As for recent American fare, I enjoyed Rango, which should have gotten more notice, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which is surprisingly decent, but not very much else that I can think of offhand. It has been pretty bland offerings overall this year, as your commentator has suggested.

Aug. 22 2011 12:29 PM
bob from huntington

anyone who's seriously interested in films doesn't go the movies anymore. they watch television where better stuff is routinely produced by HBO, AMC, and others. the so-called american industry exists largely to extract big single-weekend ticket sales from the nation's burgeoning population of 15 year old boys and 15 year old boy wannabes.

Aug. 22 2011 12:28 PM
DarkSymbolist from NYC!

I was also surprised by "Midnight In Paris". I liked it a lot and have never been a huge Woody Allen fan.

I wish there had been more Belle Epoque, though :)

Aug. 22 2011 12:26 PM

with all this sensory overload, are future races of kids,going to be able to appreciate "cries and whispers".

Aug. 22 2011 12:25 PM
Cole Smithey from Manhattan

It's been an outstanding summer for documentaries. "Buck," Project Nim," "Tabloid," Senna," and "Passione" were all very surprising films helping to distract for Hollywood's pathetic output.

With the exception of "Crazy, Stupid Love"--which is an amazing romantic comedy--it is an abysmal summer for Hollywood.

Independent cinema exploded with "Bellflower." The film is as original a piece of brilliant satire as any to come out in the past decade.

Aug. 22 2011 12:25 PM
Maria from Manhattan

Brendan Gleeson was wonderful in the indie film The Guard, full of dark humor.

Sue Bourne's documentary Jig, about the effort that goes into Irish dance championships each year was interesting and beautifully filmed.

The potty-mouthed but tightly scripted, fast-paced Delhi Belly was a great start to the summer line-up of Hindi movies, but, the most perfect summer film, as far as I'm concerned was the bachelor travel flick entitled Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (meaning, more or less, You Won't Get a Second Chance at Life). This was the 2nd film from Bombay film family insider & NYU film school grad Zoya Akhtar. It has beautiful locales all around Spain, three handsome guys all experiencing different kinds of worries about their lives, and some wonderful moments of joy.

It's still in theaters in Manhattan and around the area.

Here's the trailer: and here's the best song from the film called "Ik Junoon/Paint It Red", which will be, for me, THE song for the summer of 2011:

Aug. 22 2011 12:25 PM
DarkSymbolist from NYC!

Really liked
The documentary "Project Nim" as well as "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"...surprisingly (or maybe not so) there are some theme relations between these two movies...I saw "Nim" and then "Apes" a week later and it was interesting seeing them one after another.

Aug. 22 2011 12:23 PM
Ro from NJ

Does "Paul" count as a summer movie? Walked in not knowing what it was about. I was surprised by it -- very funny

HATED - Thor really poorly written

Aug. 22 2011 12:12 PM

WNYC- please give mike pesca, more air time !! he's a refreshing voice.

Aug. 22 2011 12:12 PM

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