Haitians Granted Temporary Protected Status Re-Apply For Program

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Haitians who were granted temporary protected status by the Department of Homeland Security after the devastating earthquake last year — many of whom live in Flatbush and other Brooklyn neighborhoods — have until Monday, August 22nd to reapply for the designation if they wish to stay in the country until January 2013.

Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette Clarke said some of the Haitians in her district were concerned they would be deported if they applied for the program.

"We want to remove those fears from those individuals so they understand the benefit of actually having this status," she said.

People granted TPS are eligible for health care and can work legally. Many send remittances to family members in their home countries.

Haitians in the country who want to apply for the program for the first time have until November 15 to do so. Haitians who already have TPS status must reapply by August 22 to maintain their status.

People from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Somalia and Sudan are also eligible for temporary protected status.