A Day After Discrimination Suit Decision, Mayor Says He's 'Proud' of Bloomberg L.P.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he was proud of Bloomberg L.P., the financial news and media company he founded that claimed a major victory Wednesday when a federal judge tossed out a class-action discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of pregnant women who worked at the company.

"I've always been very proud of what the company has done," Bloomberg said. "I've been out of the company for a long time, but it's a great company and it's always treated its employees, I think, probably as well, if not better, than any other company I've ever seen, and I'm proud of it."

Bloomberg has not been involved in the day-to-day operations of Bloomberg L.P. since 2002. He referred reporters to a statement the company put out Wednesday, saying the ruling confirmed what the company knew all along, "that the evidence is squarely on our side and that this case is without merit."

The suit, filed in 2007, alleged that Bloomberg L.P., systematically discriminated against pregnant women and new mothers by reducing their pay, excluding them from meetings and other decision-making roles or demoting them.

In her decision, Federal Judge Loretta Preska wrote the evidence presented by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was insufficient to demonstrate that Bloomberg L.P. engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination against pregnant employees or those returning from maternity leave.

Judge Preska may have tossed out the class-action suit, but she also ruled that some individual cases could move forward.