Judge Tosses Out Bloomberg L.P. Discrimination Suit

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A federal judge ruled there was not enough evidence to show that Bloomberg L.P., the business and financial news company founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, discriminated against pregnant women and mothers.

In her opinion, Judge Loretta Preska, chief judge of U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, wrote "'J'accuse!' is not enough in court. Evidence is required." She believed the evidence presented in the case did not sufficiently demonstrate that discrimination was Bloomberg's standard operating procedure.

While Preska tossed out the class-action suit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of women who work or had worked at Bloomberg and taken maternity leave, she did find that some individual claims could go forward.

EEOC spokeswoman Christine Saah Nazer said the agency regrets the decision, but will press forward with the individual claims.

The lawsuit was filed in 2007 and alleged that Bloomberg L.P. cut pay, demoted or excluded from management women who were pregnant or who came back from maternity leave.

Bloomberg L.P. said the ruling confirmed what it knew all along, that the case was without merit.