Judge Rules Prospect Park West Bike Lane Can Stay

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The fight over the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane is over.  Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Bert Bunyan dismissed claims that the city failed to go through proper channels when it installed the two-way, protected path.

Opponents included a former city transportation commissioner, and the groups "Seniors for Safety" and "Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes."

The city maintained that street design is its job and said the painted-green lane was installed in response to community requests and concerns. The judge also agreed with the city that the bike lane opponents missed the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit.

The case put a spotlight on the proliferation of bike lanes in the city under the Bloomberg Administration.

The city says the bike lane was an effort to get cars to slow down in the area and protect pedestrians by getting bicyclists off the sidewalk. But opponents argued that the lane endangers pedestrians and hinders drivers.

Opponents say they're reviewing their options.

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