China May Have Examined Stealth US Helicopter

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U.S. officials believe Pakistan may have allowed China to study and take samples of the stealth helicopter that crashed during the Osama bin Laden raid in May, before they returned it to the U.S. If the allegations are true, it continues a long history of China trying to obtain U.S. military secrets. How will this latest story affect relations not only between China and the U.S., but between the U.S. and Pakistan?

What does the possibility of China gaining access to an American Blackhawk helicopter mean? How does it affect our relationship with Pakistan and China? Joining us is Gordon Chang, columnist for Forbes Magazine and author of "The Coming Collapse of China." He claims we should abandon our relationship with Pakistan.

Also joining us is Peter Brookes, senior fellow for national security affairs at The Heritage Foundation. Brookes thinks the Pakistani alliance is a long-standing relationship that benefits our national interest.