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16 Contestants Fight to Win American Beatbox Championships

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There's no telling what kinds of sounds might be heard from the stage at Le Poisson Rouge this weekend when the second annual American Beatbox Championships take the stage. Armed with their voices, their mouths and a microphone, 16 contestants will battle for the title of champion. 

One hundred competitors entered the competition online, many of whom met through the World Beatbox Association, a group founded in 2008 by beatboxersLegomania at the American Beatbox Championships in 2010. Chesney Snow and Jim Wilde.

Snow said that the competition on Sunday will decide who the best beatboxer in the U.S. is, but without bad blood.

"After the battle, the contestants actually hug each other," Snow said. "There's a different feel in the community that goes back to the old school. These kids are really enjoying seeing each other for the first time because a lot of the activity happens online."

The contestants are hopping planes to come to New York from as far as California, Georgia, Illinois and Texas for the match.

World Beatbox Association members, who span four continents, can also catch the action streamed live online starting at 6 P.M.