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Donuts with Less Guilt: Gluten-Free, Agave-Sweetened and Good

I haven't had a donut, slice of cake, ice cream cone, croissant or handful of delicious, Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate chips since mid-May, and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself for my restraint. That was until last night, when I found myself having to leave an ice cream store where my husband was ordering a chocolate milk shake, overcome by a strange stew of feelings that included sadness, jealousy, and feverish resolve. 

I need something sweet, and Babycakes NYC came to my rescue.

Babycakes bills itself as a "refined sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, casein-free, egg-free, vegan, kosher" bakery on the Lower East Side. I visited the bakery this morning to pick up a birthday cake. 

Whose birthday? Mine, in one week. (I'M 48, EVERYONE.) The occasion? An early birthday get-together with friends later tonight.

Babycakes' cookie coffee crunch mini-donut: light and airy.I picked a chocolate cake (garbanzo-fava bean flour) with chocolate frosting (coconut oil, agave nectar and unsweetened cocoa powder). I didn't get a chance to see the cake before they boxed it, so I don't have a photo to share.

But I do have a shot of one of their donuts. Wow.

Babycakes' cookie coffee crunch mini-donut: light and airy. (Amy Eddings/WNYC)

They were unexpectedly light and spongey. I had a salted caramel-frosted one, and a cookie coffee crunch-covered one. 

The whole point, for me, in avoiding refined wheat flour and refined sugar isn't because I've got celiac disease or am a diabetic. It's to avoid the roller coaster craving ride they put me on — physically and psychologically. 

My donut foray today was without major disasters or consequences. Which is to say, I am not trolling the hallways of the radio station, looking for the leftover pastries and bagels from The Takeaway morning crew or uneaten brownies from an event thrown by Radio Rookies.

But I am feeling a little light-headed. Let's hope that's due to the euphoria of finding desserts I can enjoy without (a lot of) guilt.