Gig Alert: Hoodie Allen

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Hoodie Allen
“The Chase Is On"
Playing Monday at Mexicali Live
(1409 Queen Anne Rd, Teaneck, NJ)
Get: Tickets ($12) | Directions

Back in 2009, when Asher Roth’s frat-boy rap anthem “I Love College” invaded campuses nationwide, cultural critics ominously predicted the rise of a new breed of hip-hop: privileged and preppy. Despite mega-marketing bucks thrown behind the venture, that didn’t happen.

It turns out the critics picked the wrong white college kid rapper. Steve “Hoodie Allen” Markowitz, a U. Penn alum and former Google employee, has been doing what Roth failed to do — without the major label hype machine. The difference is, whether or not you approve of hip-hop being taken so far afield of its traditional cultural milieu, Hoodie has skills. His flow is solid, his lyrical turns smart enough, and the vibe is always feel-good summertime jam.

Hoodie Allen is still pretty unknown in the general market, but a quick listen to “The Chase Is On” reveals pretty tremendous commercial potential.