Dirty Projectors 2005

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Dave Longstreth of Dirty Projectors

This month Spinning On Air offers some past programs featuring appearances by musicians early in their careers. This show, from April 08, 2005, features an in-studio performance by the band Dirty Projectors. 

Original blurb:
Dave Longstreth is one of those rare composers who has created his own musical world, with its own unusual laws of musical physics. Passionate songs that seem on the verge of falling apart suddenly turn on a dime; melodies that seem improvised are repeated exactly by the ensemble; the musical vocabularies of jazz, classical, rock and folk mutate into something excitingly alien. Longstreth brings his band Dirty Projectors (Longstreth singing and playing acoustic guitar, two female singers, cello, and double bass) into the WNYC studio for a live set, and for conversation with host David Garland.