Animal Collective: the 2004 Interview, part 2

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This month Spinning On Air offers some past programs featuring appearances by musicians early in their careers. This show, from July 30, 2004, features the band Animal Collective speaking in depth about their background and ideas, such as their shared childhood in Maryland, their early years in New York, and the influence of horror movies on their music. And they present their music, including selections from the then-new album "Sung Tongs," and a suite of unreleased live recordings. Part one of this interview aired August 13, 2011.


Original blurb:

The group Animal Collective uses common means (vocals, acoustic guitars, and simple percussion) to make extraordinary music. Their songs seem to come from a parallell dimension, where the familiar fundamentals of song obey a different set of natural laws. We may be able to get some insight into how Animal Collective create their musical mutations, as three of the four band members —Avey Tare, Deakin, and Geologist —join host David Garland to talk about their music and share some unreleased live recordings in the WNYC studio.