Elite Forces in Afghanistan

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Matthew Irvine, research assistant at the Center for a New American Security and author of the report "Beyond Afghanistan: A Regional Security Strategy for South and Central Asia," discusses the role of special forces in the Afghanistan war and the broader strategic changes involved in troop withdrawal.


Matthew Irvine

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rose-ellen from jackson hts.

Americans kill there own every day in this country.And we're not at war at home. I didn't say I admired their culture,I said they have the right to resist military invasion and occupation. As backward and as alien to my culture, theirs is, it does not follow that we have the right to kill them. My solidarity is with the victims of american agressors,no matter how backwards these peoiple are.The burka is a cultural thing -not a taliban thing. I don't believe that because americans don't like burquas people who wear burquas or live in a society where people wear burquas ,those people don't have the right to exist.Human rights apply to individuals who wear burquas too. A culture is not a regime and my solidarity is with people who are being killed by people who don't like their backward culture. The world does not belong to america and neither do its' peoples. Of course the whole thing about afghan culture is disingenuous-it never concerned you till 9-11.And when shock and awe is your calling card ,you can't say you care about individual human life or human rights.

Aug. 13 2011 11:39 PM
john from office

Rose ellen, your heros would kill you in a second. They kill their own people on a regular basis, beware who you admire. You are what Stalin called useful idiots.

Aug. 11 2011 04:13 PM
john from Office

Soeaking as someone who has lost family in these wars, I would ask Rose Ellen to go and live where her heart is. There she can be a second class, burka wearing person she want to be. Many flights leave the country each day Rose. Live your beliefs, not just spout off from afar. See if they deserve your loyalty.

Aug. 11 2011 03:59 PM
rose-ellen from jackson hts.

The SEALS are mass murderers and if there were any justice they would be tried for engaging in illigal war against the people of afghanistan,iraq and pakistan and yemen.That the miitary is so glorified now a days just shows how we are becoming 21st c rabid nationalist imperialists.We are hypermilitaristic relishing in tit for tat murder and violence against any one who opposes our illigal invasions and occupations.We are a tyranical power vis a vis the peoples of the world. The afghans were justified in shooting down a military plane and that the media demonizes and dehumanizes them without ever challenging the narrative of our military as being anything but noble and heroic just shows how indoctrinated with war mongering american propaganda the media is.We are behaving and thinking like a beligerent mass murdering 20th c agresssor nation..My solidarity is with the people of afghanistan -and the fact that we now talk with taliban confirms the reality that we have been at war with the people-all the people of afghanistan- hence the resisters are justified in fighting back.

Aug. 11 2011 01:47 PM

Why don't we hear the standard American media line that US military claims "could not be independently verified" that is routinely offered any time a claim is made by an Arab or Muslim government?

We've had 10 long years of US government and US military lying. Why not even a hint of skepticism or inquisitiveness regarding _any_ incident regarding American actions?

Aug. 11 2011 11:20 AM
John from office

I am glad to hear that we killed these guys, The SEALs are heros. The goal is to kill as many of these people as possible.


Aug. 11 2011 11:16 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Just saw a 1954 movie "Khybar Pass" about the old British war in Afghanistan back in the 1890s. Just shows, the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.

And why do we put all our best eggs in one basket? Putting 30 of our best warriors in one big fat target is just plain daft. Yes, it would require more pilots but wouldn't it have been wiser to use three smaller helicopters instead?

Aug. 11 2011 11:14 AM
Laura from UWS

What is the mission? What is the goal?
How do they measure their success?

What do the Afghans think and feel about their role?


Aug. 11 2011 10:51 AM

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