Do You Travel In Red or Blue? Tell Us About The Politics of Your Summer Trips

Alaska might mean majestic mountains and pristine vistas for some. For others, it is and always will be a land from which Sarah Palin can see Russia. A trip to Boston or Martha’s Vineyard might mean excruciating miles and miles behind a “Kerry for President” bumper sticker, and when some vacationers look into the warm shallow waters of Key West, they see Florida’s hanging chads of 2000. So do you shun the section of Yellowstone National Park which went to Barack Obama in the 2008 election or the part that went to John McCain? Is Disneyland off-limits for Gore’s narrow win in 2000, or because Bush won in 2004?

The First Family’s vacations are scrutinized not only for their length but for their destinations. The Obamas head to Hawaii for their down time while the Bush clan’s trips were to the Texas ranch in Crawford. When the Clintons polled the American public on where they should go, rugged Jackson Hole, WY (home to former vice president Dick Cheney) won out over more elitist spots like Martha’s Vineyard (home to the Kennedy clan). If you studied your long weekends as carefully, what kind of politics would you find?

Whether it's a big trip or a weekend visit with family, fill out the survey below and tell your summer vacation politics story!