Famine and Piracy in Somalia

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jay Bahadur, journalist and author of The Pirates of Somalia: Inside their Hidden World, discusses the famine, drought, and piracy crises in Somalia.


Jay Bahadur

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Rick from UES

The situation unfolding in Somalia has been overshadowed by other domestic issues in the news and I hope that we continue to look for a solution to getting aid to starving families in the region. I am encouraged by this WNYC segment.

It has been discouraging to read and see news about the mishandling of aid sent to these famine stricken areas. Recent news segments have shown the US Vice President's wife on the ground urging US citizens to "reach a little deeper into your pocket" to help save lives in the midst of the Somalian famine yet it is unclear who is able and trustworthy to receive citizen donations. I hope the US can identify effective and efficient aid organizations in the area as well as relieve legal restrictions on aid delivered to known terrorist organizations such as al-Shabaab(if effective).
It is clear that US citizens and our representatives are deeply concerned and feel it their duty to help families stricken by this famine even though it is not an obligatory function of our US Congress.
Despite the dismal state of our current US Congress, I still find it completely disrespectful and unproductive to accuse our Congressional leaders of genocide as the previous comment does.

I hope to see more discussions like this one that continue to investigate and search for solutions, and quick.

Aug. 10 2011 03:45 PM
rose-ellen from jackson hts.

That no aid is getting to south somalia where already 2900children have died and that this was not discussed by your guest or the host tells me that america is using food as a weapon -like 20 th century stalinists or n. koreans.The focus of the show was on where you ARE getting food -deliberately to hide the fact that the US congress has imposed bans on aid groups doing business with alshabab. Knowing that by threatening people with arrests if they defy the US congress,aid groups had to leave the south-alshabab did not throw them out but rather placed conditions on them. Aid groups afraid to get arrested for violating american laws left rather then meet the conditions-a tax. Hence america is complicit with the starvation of 2900children .The US congress finds the slow starvation of 2900 children preferable then giving alshabab some money or having aid workers conform to their religious cultural standands of dress. That your guest talked about everything else but the fact that it was the US congress that prohibited aid workers from saving 2900children from slow starvation by passing laws against negotiating with terrorists to prove a point about how much human rights matter to us and not negotriating with terrorists shows your guest and the host are part of this american narrative of writing off the lives of 2900children for political reasons.Shameful! Using food as a political weapon as you hide the fact [by talking about north somalia and kenya where american politicians wives are shown being concerned about children] that a handfull of people[the US congress] found it more acceptable to have children starve to prove a political point about our disapproval of alshabab..The US congress has the lives of 2900 children on their hands.-they are a genocidal congress.

Aug. 10 2011 02:06 PM

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