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Marina Abramovic Meets the Press

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The diva of performance art, Marina Abramovic, spoke to the press a few weeks before the opening of a major retrospective  called The Artist is Present. Listen to what she had to say about the show.

Culture critic Claudia La Rocco appeared on Weekend Saturday, with host Brian Zumhagen, with her review of the show.

Bon Mots

On the current economy: "The economic crisis for art is the best thing to happen to art. Ever. We are seeing something else. Which is very important for the public to confront themselves"

On The Artist Is Present : "I want to create that stillness inside a tornado."

More On The Artist Is Present : "It's about here and now. It's not about future or past. It's just about the present moment. And I want to construct many present moments during the 600 hours. And be there available and vulnerable for anybody in the audience. That kind of opening will create a trust where the person looking at me can also be vulnerable and open and create a contact that is very direct and very human."

And watch the video, where she speaks with the folks from TateShots.