#2579: Unexpected Strings (Encore Edition)

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For this New Sounds, listen to some chamber music for zither and strings, for sampled guitar and electronics, and more. There’s music from composer Dan Joseph, whose past work for Gamelan Son of Lion includes writing a piece for hammer dulcimer and Javanese Gamelan. Plus, there’s music from Turkish electronic composer, Erdem Helvagioglu, featuring guitar with live electronics and processing. And much more.

ROGRAM #2579: Unexpected Strings (First aired on Wed. 9-06-06)





Andrew Cronshaw

On The Shoulders of the Great Bear

Hullu Sakari [500]

Cloud Valley #2007 www.cloudvalley.com www.cdroots.com
Or download from www.calabashmusic.com

Erdem Helvacioglu

Altered Realities

Bridge To Horizon [7:30]

New Albion #131** www.newalbion.com*

Dan Joseph


Percussion And Strings [19:00]

Mutable Music #17525** www.mutablemusic.com*

Sasha Matson

Steel Chords

Steel Chords [20:00]

Audioquest #1013 www.valley-entertainment.com