Jimmy McMillan's Rent is Too Damn Low

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Presidential candidate Jimmy McMillan, who ran for governor of New York because "the rent is too damn high," says he's being evicted from his rent-stabilized Manhattan apartment because his rent is too damn low.

He says it's because his landlord wants get more money for his East Village apartment, which McMillan rents for $872.96 a month. McMillan, who also ran for governor of New York on the "the rent is too damn high" party line, says he's lived in the rent-stabilized apartment since 1977.

McMillan's landlord is claiming in court papers that McMillan lives in Brooklyn, but McMillan said the Brooklyn address is his office.

"He wants to tell me where I am to live, I don't supposed to have an office where I can work out of and sleep out of sometimes. I'm supposed to be there 24 hours a day according to the landlord. And that's not why you live in America or why America has a Constitution."

The landlord, Lisco Holdings, could not be reached for comment.

McMillan told WNYC that he is fighting not just for himself but on behalf of all New Yorkers battling their landlords.

"I'm here to make sure, to let you know, don't worry, I'm here. Daddy's here. And Daddy's going to fight for his children. I'm going to fight for myself, fight for my kids. Now you know I'm not playing games. I'm here."

The case is pending in housing court. The activist and musical personality said he plans to counter-sue.