Global Hacking Threats Raise Concern Over U.S. Readiness

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McAfee, a leading cyber security company, issued a report on Wednesday that indirectly points to China as the source of a broad ranging cyber attack on more than 72 organizations throughout the world — including the United Nations, the Olympic movement and the U.S. government. As cyber attacks become a growing threat to the country, the National Security Agency has made a push to employ the best and brightest to combat these attacks. Often, the most qualified people to play defense are often the ones that were once on the offensive — former hackers.

Lt. General Harry Raduege, Jr., the former director of the Defense Information Systems Agency at the Department of Defense, assesses the current U.S. strategy in the war against cyber attacks. Michael Calce, a former hacker and now a cybersecurity consultant, is author of the book "Mafia Boy: Portrait of the Hacker as a Young Man."