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It's All About the Tea Cozy

Remember when I couldn't stand the thought of dropping my coffee habit in favor of more healthy, less caffeinated, tea?

Me neither. But I've drunk the (Earl Grey, bergamot-flavored) Kool-Aid.

Helping my transformation has been the discovery that tea requires a lot of gear. 

I like stuff for my habits and hobbies. I love the process of choosing a new tennis racket. I keep notes on different swing weights and composition materials and string gauges. 

Tea drinking has pots and strainers. And tea cozies, as WNYC colleague and tea drinker Ilya Marritz told me about.

My new tea pot has the tea cozy built into it -- through a nifty, lined stainless steel lid.

I've even gone so far as to buy a special whisk, called a chasen in Japan, to stir up finely-ground matcha green tea at home. (Here's a nice primer on Japan's green tea ceremony.) Wait until you get a load of the little ceramic stand that goes with it. And I got a measuring scoop, too, called a chashaku. A teaspoon would work just as well, but why not embrace tea in all its specialness? 

It makes the finished product taste even better.