Gig Alert: Mandrill

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Playing Thursday at B.B. King’s Bar and Grill
(237 W. 42nd St., Midtown West)
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In the exciting R&B and funk scene that exploded in the 1970s, no band was doing what Mandrill was doing.

The group, founded by three Panamanian-American brothers (Carlos, Lou and Ric Wilson) from Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy, made music that combined horn-driven funk with psychedelic rock and flower-power vibes. On classic tracks like “Fencewalk” and “Ape Is High,” Mandrill executed impeccable arrangements full of chunky B-3 organs, folksy guitars, soaring horns and hard-hitting drums.

Now, the Wilson brothers are back, touring with a new lineup that promises to at least approximate the band’s former glory. This song, “Sunshine” comes off a new Mandrill album, which is expected to be released this Fall. Whereas some present-day efforts from classic funk groups come off as hopelessly dated, Mandrill excels with this beautifully-produced, 8-minute long slowjam, which is chock full of giant harmonies, sexy vibraphones, enormous horns and soaring strings.