Andy Warhol in New York

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With a silvery statue of Andy Warhol now standing in Union Square until October, and soaring sales of Warhol’s work this past spring, the artist is still a presence. WNYC’s Sara Fishko has news of a new book that charts Andy Warhol’s life in New York, literally every step of the way, in this edition of Fishko Files…








Thomas Kiedrowski became fascinated with Andy Warhol while he was still attending high school in Milwaukee. Years later, when he came to New York, he began to trace all the buildings, restaurants, shops and streets where Warhol spent his days.

The book, Andy Warhol's New York City: Four Walks, Uptown to Downtown, is organized geographically into four walking tours. So you, too, can follow in Warhol's footsteps.





  • To see an interactive map of Andy Warhol's favorite New York haunts, as well as a slide show of photos of Andy, visit WNYC Culture.

Bloomingdales, one of Andy's favorite spots for people-watching and gossip-collecting. Illustration from the book by Vito Giallo.

Author Kiedrowski on Warhol's visits to Bloomingdales: "Warhol loved gossip! He went to Bloomingdales. 'Who came in? What did they buy? How much jewelry were they wearing?' He wanted to know all the little details. From the '50s on it seemed like one of the number one things he liked learning about was gossip. Like Bloomingdales. It wasn’t necessarily for shopping. He knew famous people came in. And he wanted to know all about them."

Andy Warhol statue in Union Square, created by Rob Pruitt. Photo by Stephen Nessen.


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