#2631: Born Into Brothels Live (Encore Edition)

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Composer John McDowell’s score for the acclaimed documentary Born Into Brothels has become a live touring ensemble, performing live in the studio on this edition of New Sounds. We’ll hear their buoyant blend of Indian and Western music, featuring harmonium, tabla, bansuri flute, violin and piano, along with Indian vocalists Falu and Gurav. And much more.

PROGRAM # 2631, The Born Into Brothels Ensemble, live (First aired on 1/19/07)





John McDowell

Born Into Brothels, soundtrack

NYC [1:00]

Koch #9989 www.kochrecords.com

The Born Into Brothels Ensemble


Overture [5:00]
F Major [6:30]
Cherekeshi [7:00]
Gopala [6:00]

For info on the children portayed in the film, go to www.kids-with-cameras.org

John McDowell

Born Into Brothels

Jai Sita Ram [6:00]
Overture Remix [4:00]

See above.