Booker To Introduce New Budget

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is expected to reintroduce a budget to the Newark City Council Wednesday morning. Last month, his $772 million budget proposal was turned down. The sticking point for most Council members was a 7 percent increase to Newark's property tax.

The increase would have resulted in an average jump of $400 to residents' tax bills, following a double-digit property tax hike last year.

Mildred Crump was one of six Newark council members who voted against Booker’s proposed budget last month. This time around, Crump said the Council has to dig in and complete a long to-do list. “We need to work out some of the problems that we have, find new revenue streams and look for ways, as I continue to say, that will have the least negative impact on residents,” said Crump.

Booker is trying to fill Newark's $57.5 million budget gap. Calls and emails to Mayor Booker's office were not immediately returned.