Archdiocese Reviewing "Racial Realism" Writings of Bronx Principal

The Archdiocese of New York says it's looking into a Bronx Catholic School principal who has written books criticizing multiculturalism. The principal, Frank Borzellieri, also contributed articles to a controversial magazine devoted to "racial realism."

The action was taken following the publication over the weekend of an article in The Daily News about Borzellieri's writings for American Renaissance. Borzellieri has also written several books including "The Unspoken Truth: Race, Culture and Other Taboos," in which he calls diversity a "weakness" and refers to "multiculturalist fanatics."

"Their refusal to acknowledge, in the face of common sense and decency, the overwhelming evidence of the superiority of Western culture is yet another example of the moral decay brought about by politically correct degenerates," he wrote in the introduction to "The Unspoken Truth."

Borzellieri was appointed principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School near Fordham University, which has mostly black and Latino students, two years ago.

Joseph Zwilling, a spokesman for the Archdiocese, said the Superintendent of Schools office is reviewing Borzellieri's books and writings. Zwilling noted that Our Lady of Mount Carmel has a diverse population and that "any form of discrimination or bigotry is inconsistent with Catholic teaching, and will not be tolerated in our schools." He also said there have been no complaints against Borzellieri as principal, nor were there when he taught at another Catholic school, St. Barnabus.

In a blog, Borzellieri described himself as writing from a "a libertarian, Eurocentric, conservative perspective...blasting the hypocrisy of liberals and the cowardice of politically correct so-called conservatives."

During the 1990s, Borzellieri served on the public school board of District 24 in Queens, where he generated controversy for attacking multiculturalism, bilingual education and the teaching of sex education and homosexuality. He also tried to get an openly gay public school teacher fired.

WNYC has tried to reach Borzellieri about the Archdiocese's internal review, but has not heard back.