Muslim Americans Ten Years After 9/11

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Dalia Mogahed, director and senior analyst of the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center and former advisor to President Obama as a member of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, discusses a new Gallup study exploring Muslim-American views on a range of issues in American life.


Dalia Mogahed

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psikeyhackr from midwest

The Laws of Physics do not care about Muslims or America. Curious that the nation that put men on the Moon can't tell the world the distributions of steel and concrete in buildings designed before 1969. Even more curious that physicists are not asking about the data.

Aug. 07 2011 01:43 PM
AOCNetwork from NY, NY

There is a great art exhibition going on through September 7 on the 48th floor of 7 World Trade Center to commemorate 10 years since 9/11. To learn more about this event and the artist, visit here.

Aug. 02 2011 04:21 PM
Edward from Washington Heights AKA pretentious Hudson Heights

Poll reveals 40pc of Muslims want sharia law in UK

I don't think that British Muslims are that different from American Muslims.

Aug. 02 2011 12:17 PM
gary from queens

@Amy from Manhattan

read the article. The group that did the polling was a PRO Islamist group. the sampling was intended to see the views of a certain group. Duhhhh!

Aug. 02 2011 12:03 PM
Steve from New York, NY

Interesting point about the national (more established, powerful, vocal, media connected) Arab American organizations NOT representing. Again a sense of similarity (and shared frustration) with Jewish Americans. Most Jewish Americans are more liberal on a host of issues then the largest/oldest/most powerful Jewish organizations.

I suspect that the simiarity may be that those in both of our communities who are the self-appointed leaders, who are more activist, and also older and richer and so are in a position to fund and run these national organizations, tend to be more extreme in their views.

AIPAC, Conference, both of the AJCs, ADL (as represented by Foxman), are not representative. We Jewish Americans are more liberal on both non-Israel issues, more pro-two state solution, less pro-settler/occupation, less Likudnik, hence the creation of J Street.

But also that Israel is NOT the only or even number one issue for us. Jewish Americans when polled list American issues first, and Israel comes in around 5th or 7th.

Another point, per Peter Beinert and others, is the generation gap, so younger Jews are all the more alienated from older establishment groups.

So it would be interesting to explore these commonalities between Muslim Americans (and Arab and Pakastani Americans as ethnic groups; as well as the broader lumping of all American Muslims which of course includes many African Americans and Anglo converts).

Aug. 02 2011 11:58 AM
gary from queens

@jgarbuz from Queens

This advisor to Obama is dishonest. But it conforms to Obama's preconceptions.

To answer you, you have to accept the truth----and not what she's saying. Shariah is jihad. They are antithetical to our crede as much as fascism was in mid century. Your attitude that we are not justified in fighting that ideology is wrong.

Tell me the justification for the US to have fought against the Axis powers? What was OUR interest to fight that war before the attack on pearl harbor? Indeed, the American public thought as you do now, re Iran----that there wasn't a national security interest.

But while FDR didn't understand economics, he did understand that nazism and Imperial Japan were existential enemies of the US. And just like our democracy and freedom of conscience could not co-exist on the same planet with nazism, you fail to grasp that similarly, we cannot co-exist with expansionist shariah states like Iran. Their aim of "expansion" is ideological----religious conversion. Not physical takeover. But then what's the difference? Are we not "Americans" BECAUSE of our values, as reflected in the Constitution?

Congress reflected public opinion throughout the late 30s and early 40s, and didn't declare war until we were finally attacked. But ask your parents NOW, if it was wise for the US to wait until Hitler armed germany, and invaded its neighbors, or to wait until expansionist Japan---already invading China and southeast asian nations---finally attacked Pearl? They would tell you that we should have gotten into the war sooner. Less lives and money would have been saved.

That is why I post a lot about islam---the religious AND political system. people like you are fooled into thinking it's solely a religion, and that its at peace with secular governments. The mainstream religious clerics in current-day islam state flat out that shariah cannot exist alongside secular government, or within such a nation. Shariah is antithetical to our way of life. let's listen to THOSE muslims---our enemies---when they are telling the truth unintentionally (because other times they lie about their intent----lying to non-muslims being justified according to the koran).

So when crazy "neocons" and zionists say that we must stand by Israel because israelis share our values, you now know what the hell they mean, and why VALUES are everything in this world, and worth fighting for. It IS in our interest to topple the iranian mullocracy, or at least disarm it.


Aug. 02 2011 11:54 AM
gary from queens

And Shariah is already taken over "secular nations.

Chinese immigrants have taken over Flushing, Queens and setting up their own government. Mayor Bloomberg protests, but native residents are outnumbered.

If that was true, then it WOULD be headlines. But not if it were muslims. Because it's happening now. right now. Have you read any headline news about it? You haven't, because if anyone protests what's going on, then @jgarbuz from Queens would consider that racial hatred. Islamophobia. etc.

When demographics help Muslims establish shariah in every region of the UK, instead of the few they have right now, then the outnumbered native Brits will have lost the cradle of democracy in the western world to a form of fascism that would normally be called "fascism", if it were not for the fact that Muslims also call it a religion.

But hey, it's all good. Because even though they will be forced to live under a 7th century totalitarian theocracy, they will get a hearty pat on the back from @jgarbuz from Queens for not exhibiting "islamophobia" and "hatred" against an alleged religion!!!!!

Aug. 02 2011 11:53 AM
Brian from Brooklyn

Listening to your guest ask your caller those questions made me wonder about the methodology here and the validity of this survey. The questions were pretty strong stuff, and if you're a member of a community that feels scrutinized and you have a stranger on the phone asking you if you're a loyal American or have any sympathy for Al Qaeda or trust the FBI, well, what are you going to say? I'd probably say I trust the FBI just in case the FBI was listening.

Aug. 02 2011 11:52 AM
Amy from Manhattan

It seems strange that a survey that included people of various religions asked certain questions only of 1 group--why was that?

Aug. 02 2011 11:47 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Jewish Americans were under great suspicion during the anti-communism witch hunts of the early Cold War. I'm sure that more than 3-4% of American Jews were sympathetic to the Soviet Union BEFORE Stalin began his persecutions of "Zionists" just a few years before his death.

Aug. 02 2011 11:46 AM
Steve from Brooklyn

Well I'm a protestant Christian American and I have no faith based group speaking for me (other than the Congress).

Aug. 02 2011 11:44 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Hey Gary,

If most Muslims want Islamic sharia law in their OWN muslim countries, what business is it of ours? As long as they do not push it in this country, or in other secularized countries. But if the majority of Muslims VOTE to apply Sharia to their own societies, what business is it of ours here?

Aug. 02 2011 11:39 AM
gary from queens

American Muslims must account for their political views.


The attempt by Dearborn's large Muslim population to enforce Sharia-based injunctions against non-Muslim proselytism confirms local attitudes documented via polling data collected in 2003, and reported during 2004. "The Detroit Mosque Study: Muslim Views on Policy and Religion," was conducted by Ihsan Bagby an Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Kentucky and a fellow at the Institute for Social Policy Understanding--a Muslim organization. Data were gathered during the summer of 2003 and published online in 2004.

These alarming results were described on page 37 of the report [14]:

Mosque participants were asked, whether they agree or disagree with the statement, "Shari'ah should be the law of the land in Muslim countries?"

Apply Islamic Law in Muslim Lands Strongly Agree -- 59% Somewhat Agree -- 22%(i.e., collectively = 81%)

Somewhat Disagree -- 8% Strongly Disagree -- 3% Don't Know -- 8%

Such data supposedly reflected the Detroit area (read Dearborn) Muslims views of "Islamic countries," only. But given the intrinsic, universally supremacist nature of Islam and the global umma (i.e., as stated in Koran
3:110 [15], and the Orwellian-named Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Islam [16], "Ye are the best community that hath been raised up for mankind. Ye enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency; and ye believe in Allah"), once an area has a Muslim majority it is assumed by Muslims that Islamic Law should prevail--hence the "enclave" phenomenon, now evident in the United States.

Aug. 02 2011 11:38 AM

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