Al Jazeera English Now Available in New York

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Al Jazeera English is now available to cable television users in New York City through a deal with Regional News Network, which will provide access to Al Jazeera's English-language service. Al Jazeera currently reaches 129 nations worldwide.

The station has risen in popularity in recent months due to its coverage of the Arab Spring in the Middle East.

Al Antsey, Al Jezeera English's managing editor, said the news channel has a huge following of New Yorkers on its Web site, and bringing the station to New York's television audience was the next step.

"New York has more Web traffic than any other city on the earth on the Al-Jezeera English Web site. Clearly, as an outward-looking city, as a truly global city, this is a very important place for us to be seen on people's televisions," Antsev said.

RNN President Dick French said Al Jazeera met "a growing demand that exists for more international news in the New York City area."

“Al Jazeera English has a clear commitment to telling stories from often under-reported regions from Latin America, through Africa and the Middle East to Asia and the Far East. We’re sure New Yorkers will appreciate its presence,” French said in a statement.

The station will reach 2 million homes across New York City. Subscribers to Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS will be able to access the station.