Gig Alert: Kotorino

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“Sky’s On Fire”
Playing Thursday at Barbès
(376 9th St., Park Slope)
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Kotorino’s song “Sky’s On Fire” begins with the line “Twinkle twinkle little star, you can’t play poker with a house of cards.” From there, twangy Americana banjos morph into something that sounds like a European waltz. Then come eerie child-like voices accompanied by what can only be a musical saw. This is all to say: Kotorino has one of the most unique and unusual sounds of any band, ever. Even in a music scene saturated with “chamber-pop” bands and odd instrumentation, Kotorino stands out with its use of all variety of winds, strings, and other musical gadgetry. The music itself is omnivorous in its source material, quite pretty, and downright haunting.