Gig Alert: Typhoon

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“The Honest Truth”
Playing Tuesday at Mercury Lounge
(217 E. Houston St., East Village)
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The first thing you might notice about Typhoon is that the band’s promo pictures look like shots from an elementary school class picture or a family reunion. That’s because there are many, many musicians involved in making the group’s brand of epic, symphonic indie rock. But until recently, Typhoon has remained pretty much under the radar, living together in a big old Victorian house in Portland and playing underground “house concerts” around the Pacific Northwest.

Following up on its 2010 album, Hunger and Thirst, the band released A New Kind of House earlier this year to wide acclaim. Towards the end of “The Honest Truth,” the advantages to having a giant band become clear as a chorus of screaming, harmonized voices sings over horn fanfares and layers of clanky guitars. When they get to the final refrain “Piss and moan/You let the Devil in your home,” goosebumps are all but guaranteed.