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Atlantic Philanthropies Gives $627,000 to Columbia Center for Oral History

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On Monday, the Columbia Center for Oral History announced it had received a two-year, $627,000 grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies. The funds will be used to expand the center's staff and to undertake new projects in public health, philanthropies and the arts.

The Columbia Center for Oral Histories, founded in 1948, called it one of the most significant grants in its history. The funds will also be used to run workshops and training programs for the public; faculty and student seminars; enhance its summer institute and continue to serve as a laboratory for the development of oral history methodologies across the disciplines.

The Atlantic Philanthropies, which is a group of Bermuda-based charitable foundations geared towards improving the lives of the disadvantaged and vulnerable, has funded the Center, formerly known as the Oral History Research Office, before. In 2005, the Columbia Center for Oral History, a unit of the University Libraries, received a grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies to work on human rights and constitutional freedoms projects.