How Low Can You Go? (Special Podcast)

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We'll explore the deep tones of bands like Gato Loco whose lead instruments are the bass clarinet and the tuba on this New Sounds program.  There's even more from the tuba with music by Tom Heasley and some bass clarinet work by Marty Erlich.  We'll also hear the jazzy extensions of the bass saxophone in the works of the Maikotron Unit. 


Then, there are other ways of achieving the low end - in Mari Kimura's case, there's the subharmonics of her violin, which she has achieved by a 3-step technique that she describes as "clunk, drag, and release" to uncover notes as much as an octave deeper than the low G string.

PROGRAM #3209, How Low Can You Go? (First aired on 5/2411)                                                       





Mari Kimura

The World Below G  and Beyond

Six Caprices for Subharmonics no. 6

Mutable 17542

Gato Loco

Malditos Besos

Eso No Es Na [5:28]
Gato Loco also has a new record out on Winter & Winter,

Maikotron Unit


votivae noctes [5:55]

Rant 1140

Mari Kimura

The World Below G  and Beyond

6 Caprices for Subharmonics no. 2 [1:45]

See above.

Mark Nauseef

Wun Wun

Quilts (a Patchwork Dance) [10:13]

Creative Music Productions CMP Records 6055

Out of print, but try through Amazon as an import Wun Wun

Marty Erlich’s Dark Woods Ensemble

Just Before the Dawn

Eliahu [6:31]

New World Records 80474

David Hykes/Harmonic Choir

Harmonic Meetings

Halleluyah [7:03]

Celestial Harmonies 14013/14

Tom Heasley

On The Sensations of Tone

Prelude , excerpt [4:00]

Innova 566