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Talk To Me: Sharon Olds Shares The Love... With Family

Poet, author and NYU professor Sharon Olds was joined by her twin nephews Michael & Matthew Dickman at NYU's Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House on March 4th.

In this session of NYU's Reading Series, Olds read from both old collections and poems she finished on the train that day. The Portland born Dickman brothers got the "love movement" started with their award-winning fraternally and familially inspired poetry. 


Stream the talk here for free.


Bon Mots

Michael Dickman: "My dreams are very boring. I was at the grocery store and I was out of milk. So I purchased some."

Matthew Dickman: "The hard thing about reading after my brother is that I just want to sit and keep listening to him."

Sharon Olds On the ode: "They allow one to think about general as well as specific things. They allow one to conceive of ideas."