Council Holds Forum on Combating Cyber-Bullying

City leaders are trying to help city parents and young adults get up to speed on how to prevent and combat so-called cyber-bullying.

Teachers, experts, law enforcement, teens and parents spoke about the problem of cyber-bullying and shared tools and resources at the Time Warner Center Monday during an anti-bullying event sponsored by City Council.

Brooklyn mom Cassandra Townsley said her 11-yea-old son has survived various forms of bullying over the last four years.

"What can I do? What is my role? What can I do to help get the information out and spread the word that, you know, this has to stop?" she asked.

Parent Shoshana Berkovick, who spoke during a Q&A portion of the evening, said she was shocked to hear her daughter from a classmate's parent that she had left a threatening message on the child's cell phone.

"I told her, 'Today is Tuesday. It's 10 p.m. Next Tuesday 10 p.m. you will have your cell phone back," she said, claiming her daughter learned her lesson after she was without her gadget for a week. But she says she still doesn’t have internet access.

The New York City Council, who sponsored the event, is offering tools and guidelines on the city's website.

(Photo: Kathleen Horan/WNYC)

Cassandra Townsley, who said her son has been bullied for four years, speaks during the cyber-bullying forum on Monday night.