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Your Advice On How To Survive The Art Fairs

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Many artists, art collectors and wannabe art collectors are now Manhattan for Armory Week. It's the Rodeo Drive of art shopping. That means it's enough visual overload to turn your mind to mush.

What's your strategy on the fairs? We made up the WNYC list of must-sees. Now, we want your opinion on what to hit, what to miss and generally how to tackle the week. Here's what some of you had to say so far:

Jules Sengle - Brooklyn, NY
"Yes, I plan to drink an inhuman amount of coffee, see all the fairs, plus a studio visit with Paul Mpagi, and Annicka Yi; make a visit to Dub Shop at Kleio Projects; then a quick stop to see Sarah Small's Tableau Vivante to see Faith Cummings' styling. After, I will drop down on the ground from exhaustion."

Greg Allen - Amtrak, somewhere in NJ
"I have to say, I like Peter Coffin's giant pirate sculpture at Emmanuel Perrotin. It's like if Jeff Koons did a Captain Morgan commercial. And I mean that in the best possible way."

Jessica - Brooklyn
"Working the doors at Fountain tonight, then doing the rounds tomorrow: Armory, Pulse &Volta. Gonna be a long weekend!"

Michael Konrad - Philadelphia
"Shaun Gladwell's piece sounds interesting. I hope I can make it into NYC to visit the fairs before they close."

Jeannette Vidalia - Los Angeles de los muertos
"I want to be there... if only to dress weird."

Keep your thoughts coming.  Leave a comment below about your plans for the fairs and we’ll randomly select someone to receive a Jen Bekman art fair survival kit.