What Makes a Genius?

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All this week we're talking about geniuses — people who've attained extraordinary success. But it's not just about the elites in society. David Shenk is the author of the reassuringly titled book "The Genius in All of Us: Why Everything You've Been Told About Genetics, Talent and IQ is Wrong."  We're asking you, Who is the genius in your life and why?

David will also be taking your questions about genius all week. Add them to the comments section below.

Click here to read the first chapter of "The Genius in All of Us," and check out David Shenk's blog here.

In the meantime, here are some examples of what people consider genius throughout history:



Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist (1879-1955)

Thomas Edison, inventor (1847-1931)


Merce Cunningham, avant-garde choreographer (1919-2009)


Temple Grandin, professor of animal science, author, activist (born 1947)


George Balanchine, choreographer and co-founder of the New York City Ballet (1904-1983)