Birth of a Name: What NYC Startups Can Learn From Google, Twitter & Apple

Would Google be as successful a company had it been named Backrub? That was the name the search engine started with in 1996, and it's a question that weighs on the founders of hundreds of companies that are created in New York City every week.

WNYC's Lisa Chow and Jim Colgan interview the founders of fledgling and established technology companies, including Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Apple's Steve Wozniak, about the challenges of coming up with a name that works.

How Twitter Was Nearly Called Twitch: Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey on Coming Up with a Name

Name That Company!

Branding experts say a good company name should have something to do with what the company does. Although it's not always the case with successful companies (e.g. Apple), when there's little or no budget, the name often has to do the marketing. Here are some company names taken from The New York Tech Meetup, a monthly gathering in New York City where new start-ups demo their products or services. 

Select the description you think best matches the company names. And then suggest a company name based on the descriptions given below.