Measuring Time: Music for 9/11

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What music would you like to hear as you think about the events of 10 years ago? What music would you like to share with your fellow New Yorkers?

WNYC and WQXR want to enhance the spirit of this anniversary for all of our listeners. So we are creating a special playlist of music of all genres suggested by listeners to mark the occasion. We want you to be a part of it.

Your suggestions will be played on a special online stream and the songs will be used to program both stations on the afternoon of September 11, 2011.

> LISTEN to the Measuring Time 9/11 Stream

> SEE the stream playlist.

> SEE the broadcast playlist.

> READ all of the submissions.

You'll be able to listen to the Measuring Time project on air beginning at noon, Sunday September 11, on 93.9 FM, hosted by John Schaefer of WNYC’s Soundcheck and New Sounds. It's all part of a weekend of special programming from WNYC devoted to the anniversary. See below for all our 9/11 Tenth Anniversary specials.