Giuliani Looks to Restoke Interest in New Hampshire

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And he’s back!

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani traveled back up to New Hampshire today, where he told a crowd that if he chooses, he could run a campaign based on his economic record in New York City.

“This president has had the worst record of any American president in my lifetime for dealing with the economy," Giuliani told the crowd.

The slow economy in GOP fundraising may also be a factor in Giuliani’s latest fact-finding trip. Republican coffers are well behind where they were four years ago, when Giuliani and McCain led fundraising at this point in the campaign.

Giuliani campaigned hard in New Hampshire in 2008 but won just 8 percent of the vote, just ahead of Ron Pual and behind McCain, Romney and Mike Huckabee.

Asked what he would do differently than in 2008, he said simply, “I'd try to win.”

That's why he's back in the state, to meet with New Hampshire activists and gauge whether he can put together the money and the team to make a run work.

“I had an opportunity to speak with him over the weekend,” Republican activist Ovide Lamontagne told NPR this week. “Without getting into the details of our conversation, is that he's trying to discern whether or not he can put together the resources as well as the team to run a viable and ultimately winning campaign.

This stop was the latest of a series of fact-finding trips. He visited for two days in March, and again in May, after a CNN poll placed him at the top of the Republican field. (A month later, Romney and Palin had overtaken him in the same poll.)

For today, though, Giuliani’s enjoying the gimme headlines that come with pre-announcement flirtations in New Hampshire. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll enter the race. Remember George Pataki