Thousands Gather for Brooklyn Boy's Funeral

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Thousands of Hasidic Jews flocked to Borough Park Wednesday night for the funeral of Leiby Kletzky, the 8-year-old boy who was found dead and dismembered on Wednesday morning.

The funeral followed an intense community effort to find the boy who disappeared while walking home from school for the first time on Monday. Kletzky's remains were found in the apartment of a man who lives in Kensington, Brooklyn. The man is in police custody and has made incriminating statements.

"For such a tragic end it's really unthinkable," said Charlie Gold, who was among those up two nights frantically searching for the boy. "It's a really tragic moment for the family, for the whole community, and for every human being."

Many of the mourners traveled from the city's other Jewish enclaves to attend the funeral. A young mother of three named Sarah, who did not want to give her last name, came from Coney Island and said the entire Hasidic community was in shock.

"And now everyone's here for comfort and to be united and to just pay our respect to this boy, and his family," said Sarah.

Sarah said that the gruesome incident is raising concerns in the close-knit and quiet community. "Now what, now what, what are we doing with our grandchildren, and our friends' children, do we let them go out alone, we've never had this our community."