NYC Digital Waves Festival Highlights Jones Franzel and Generation PRX

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Generation PRX Bannaer

1st Annual NYC Digital Waves Youth Media Festival highlights Jones Franzel and GenPRX.  Jones Franzel is the Project Director of Generation PRX. Jones will be presenting a hands on workshop "Critiquing Work Effectively" at the festival.   

Gearing up for the festival, we’re excited to be  locking down our presenters for the sessions and panels, and awesome judges for the audio-slam competition!  Opening the breakout sessions will be Jones Franzel from Generation PRX.  We’re highlighting Jones, as she’s been a forerunner in everything youth radio.  She started the social networking site Generation PRX (GenPRX) for youth radio producers, whether you’re a maker, educator, organization or a radio station – it’s been a hub to exchange ideas, connect and youth to be heard. 

One of the great things about GenPRX is that it gives youth radio producers the power to distribute their own pieces to radio stations around the nation. Generation PRX collaborates with PRX (Public Radio Exchange), which is an online outlet to bring radio stations around the globe to come and listen, license, and eventually broadcast the radio works.  Not only can you distribute your hard work on GenPRX, but you can also share comments, create connections for collaborative work, and exhibit your creations, sort of a fuse between a professional networking and a social networking sites – Facebook/Myspace meets LinkedIn.

Please check back for more highlights on our presenters and judges. Be sure to check out the website for updates