Queens Democratic Party Boss Crowley Says Primary Residence Is Not D.C.

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Queens Democratic party leader Congressman Joe Crowley flatly denied a report that his primary residence is in a Washington, D.C., suburb and not in his home district.

Speaking at a forum on global nonviolence on Sunday, Crowley, who is required by federal law to live in his home district when running for election, said he lives in Queens and always has.

"I live in Queens, I live in Woodside," said Crowley, who had the final say in selecting a candidate to run for disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner's vacate seat. "I have lived in Queens for my entire life, actually, so I can’t plan to move to back to where I already live."

The Congressman — the focus of a New York Post article that claimed his primary resident was outside of Washington, D.C., — also defended his decision to enroll his children in school in Northern Virginia.

"It's true, I have three very young children, all under the age of 11, and I want them to be with me as much as possible," he said. "Maybe that's a little selfish on my part, but I think also from their part, I think they want to see their father."

He added: "I love my family very much. They’re more important to me than anything. And if being a good family man and a good father is not a good prerequisite for being a member of Congress, then so be it."