Financial 411: Making the Time to Think

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As part of our weekly look at issues in the workplace, we talk with management consultant Peter Bregman, who says that in our driven, fast-paced, productivity-focused lives we are losing our ability to take time out of our day to slow down and just think.

Bregman said slowing down for a short time throughout the day makes us more productive, and is exactly what we need in an age driven by technology.

"I never liked to slow down, but when I slowed down for a little bit, my mind started working in ways that my mind didn't when I was being productive," he said. "If we don't forcibly get away from those pinging e-mails, we'll never get the time to do the thinking we need to be effective in our jobs."

Bregman also shares some personal tips to help slow down throughout the day, such as setting your watch to beep every hour to take a one minute break, writing down your goals every morning or writing in a journal.


Stocks had modest gains Wednesday as investors prepare for the upcoming monthly jobs report on Friday and corporate earnings reports next week. The Dow Jones gained 56 points to close at 12,626, while the S&P 500 500 was up a point, to end at 1,339. The NASDAQ gained eight points, ending at 2,834.